Creative Restraints

It’s hard to start with everything. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of possibility can intimidate us in our efforts to create. So why not embrace what is? The imperfect. The paltry. The inconvenient. So you don’t have a blockbuster budget or just that one more thing that you are convinced you really need. Intentionally start out with some limitations and see how much farther they take you.

Play the minimalist. Find the essence and reduce some more. What is absolutely necessary? Can you let go? Can you do without? You don’t have to start with nothing – just something. Just that one thing that might not seem like much in the moment. What do you have? A couple of rusty pots and pans? Make some noise. Improvise. Devise some rules. See how creatively you can keep them. When you work with black and white, you appreciate shades of gray. Hone your senses and be surprised by the shapes and shades that emerge.

Creative Prompt: How have you let limitations serve as excuses for why you can’t get that project in motion? What boundaries give your work shape? Could you revisit a project that you got started and find creative ways to finish?


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