Techie Trends & Creativity

“The future is now/yesterday” is always the techie mantra. Here are some of the top technology trends influencing creativity (or is it the other way around). 

1) Instant is on . . . 
Search is an art form or a feat of mind reading depending on your perspective. Google Instant  gets you answers before the question is even asked.   

2) Endless Scroll . . .
Scroll on like a never ending image river. Find what you are looking for & more & more & more. Ad nauseum . . . you may experience mental motion sickness, but this is nothing new.  

3) Pageless . . . 
The web may stop pretending to be the book it never was. Multidirectional space is the final frontier . . . exploring more dimensions and taking our virtual experience into the realm of the 5 senses has us rethinking “reality”. 

4) Scanning the horizons . . . 
Our phones are talking to our magazines and our cars are talking to other cars. The trees and the rocks will soon join in the conversation.    

5) Low tech love in a high tech world . . .
Call it nostalgia, a subtle longing for the days of hook rug projects of yore. But we love to get our hands dirty/decopagie. We love to Make stuff.

6) Connection . . .
Collaboration is only a click away. Ideas flow freely on the fresh Social Media breezes. So what is that smell?   

7) More ways to Give . . .
We are realizing that we are not just spectators of the story but we can impact how the story turns out. We can report/comment/change what we see around us through words, pictures, photos, videos & actions. We can rediscover a latent talent and donate our skills. We can text money to a charity. We can connect with the need around us or on the other side of the world. There is a Way. There are more Ways everyday to give. The Will is the only thing in question.


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