The Joy of Discovery

I recently watched a group of young children painting. Some were cautious and planned out each color and its placement carefully before they even picked up a brush. Others let the paint wander, and their minds with it, changing their creation and giving new names with every stroke. Then it was my turn. I picked up my white paper plate. I tried to remember what it was like to be a kid. To let the colors play. Enjoying discovering what happens when red mixes with yellow or green. Sometimes in order to create something new, we have to forget that we already know everything.     

Creative Prompt: What are the assumptions and expectations that we have when we begin a creative endeavor? Is there such a thing as a blank canvas? How are you making space in your life to create?   


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Discovery

  1. Creating something becomes difficult when I forget the freedom that exists inherently in the creative process. My “editor” sneaks in so often making me think of the audience that will hear me or my peers who may criticize my efforts and she keeps me from exploring whatever I want. I’ve stopped myself before I have even begun. However, when I let myself have fun without fear, then I come up with some great stuff. Once everything is out there, then I can go back and edit and fix things. It really takes practice to let go and enjoy the freedom of expression without worrying about the reaction of others.

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