Twitter: What are You Creating?

I heard an interview of a band lately where the journalist asked a meandering question that ended with the usual “What are your creative influences?”

We all want to know what is behind the music or book or painting. The musician stammered a bit and threw out a few bones for the journalist to pick at.

It’s Spring and I’ve been doing some “cleaning” but mostly taking inventory after a long winter. I am surprised at what has accumulated in the dark corners and junk drawers. As I survey the bits & bobs, I begin to ask myself “What are your creative influences?” People. Places. Things. An accumulation of concepts and colors and connections. Sifting and sorting that eventually ends up on the page or in a dance or paint on my hands. We are often unaware of all the pieces that go into our creations. It’s an almost endless stream of what we have experienced – what we have seen and heard and smelled and touched and tasted. What we have felt and what we have forgotten. We stammer and we try to find the bones. The invisible structure of our movements and thoughts and utterances.       

Twitter asks “What are you doing?” Well, I am taking a creative inventory of influences and inspirations. Trying to remember old ones and find new ones and pass them around. Please join me and share your own.



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