Writing the Life Poetic

writing the life poeticSage Cohen’s new book Writing the Life Poetic: An Invitation to Read and Write Poetry is being released in April. But you can pre-order your copy here

Take up the invitation to make poetry a part of your life and sign up for her Poetry for the People class which begins March 11.

The poem below is from her collection Like the Heart, the World



   Sage let us take a peek inside the space where she creates.

Leaving Buckhorn Springs
By Sage Cohen
The farmland was an orchestra,
its ochres holding a baritone below
the soft bells of farmhouses,
altos of shadowed hills,
violins grieving the late
afternoon light. When I saw
the horses, glazed over with rain,
the battered old motorcycle parked
beside them, I pulled my car over
and silenced it on the gravel.
The rain and I were diamonds
displacing appetite with mystery.
As the horses turned toward me,
the centuries poured through
their powerful necks and my body
was the drum receiving the pulse
of history. The skin between me
and the world became the rhythm
of the rain keeping time with the sky
and into the music walked
the smallest of the horses. We stood
for many measures considering
each other, his eyes the quarter notes
of my heart’s staccato.  This symphony
of privacy and silence: this wildness
that the fence between us could not divide.

2 thoughts on “Writing the Life Poetic

  1. Hello Amie,

    How engaging of you to present Sage’s work so nicely. She tells me you are a student of hers. Me too, in a way, she drew me into words. In exchange I do some drawing for her. Where do ideas come from? Encounters.

    Nice to meet you.


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