A Creative St. Valentine’s

a creative st valentinesThere is still time to celebrate St. Valentine’s with a thoughtful and creative gift. Either something you create yourself, something that shows off the creative talents of someone else or something that celebrates the creativity of the ones you love. Because, honestly, nobody wants a last-minute-dollar-store-fake-chocolate-rose.

from you:

  • a fabulous meal, winter picnic, fireplace fondu 
  • a song, a poem, a letter, a spray painted t-shirt
  • a snow sculpture, or drawing in the sand
  • frame a favorite or meaningful: doodle, letter, ticket stub, photo, placemat  

featuring someone else’s creative talent:

  • support  a local artist or craftsperson 
  • commission a poem or song or monologue
  • tickets to a play, musical performance, art museum, lecture 
  • books, Cd’s, DVDs

celebrate their creativity:

  • tools: paper, canvas, pens, paints, instruments, computer software, gift certificate to a supply shop, a seed catalog, reference materials
  • lessons – on-line or in-person: art, voice, writing, dance, cooking, music
  • space: a drawing board, a desk, a makeshift stage, organizational supplies 
  • events: conferences, gatherings, shows, conventions, readings

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