finding space to create

IKEA wall shelfI love peeking inside artists’ studios and writers’ spaces. Anywhere where people come up with ideas and create. A desk. A park bench. A converted warehouse.  But for those of us who don’t have much space or a big budget for renovation here are some places or things for you to claim as your own personal creative space:

  • a closet
  • a drawer
  • a basket
  • a chair
  • a shelf
  • a mirror
  • a tack board
  • a rolling cart
  • a window sill
  • a crib or cradle that’s not being used
  • an empty aquarium
  • an ottoman with hidden storage
  • a piece of chicken wire

Spaces that we can fill or empty as seasons or moods strike – as projects come and go – as ideas flicker or fade.

From time to time, I am going to feature some people whose creative spaces give me inspiration.

candice stringham's creative spaceCheck out Candice Stringham’s site to see what she did with a 6×8 room.


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